Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Continuing our exploration to space!

Hello Purple Room Families,

It feels so engaging when our children show such an immense interest in learning about space! After exploring constellations, we soon got involved in learning all about the sun and the moon. Sharing facts and information about space has become an exciting part of our circle time every day. Friends came with books from home and other informational sources that intrigued them and shared with all their other friends in the classroom. The sun was our focus first, and we talked about it being the gaseous ball -- the biggest, the hottest, the most powerful, yet kind, giving, and taking responsibility for all the life on Earth. Friends enjoyed making their own golden sun with the main ball in the middle and the fire sparks as the rays...

We learned about our own satellite, the moon, and went ahead to do some hands-on activities to be able to understand certain concepts.

We first watched the footage of Neil Armstrong landing on the moon, heared him say the famous quote, "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind," saw him land, dance, sing, and even ride the space rover! The children went oooh and aaah and talked excitedly about being an astronaut themselves one day and visiting these exciting places!

Next, we talked about the surface of the moon. How did it get so full of craters? We used a tub of flour and different-sized rocks that our friends dropped in one by one to make craters in the flour!

We also created our own moon...

Friends added glitter and made craters with their fingers....

We decided to hang it up so that friends could have moon adventures!

Making "moon sand" and exploring the sensory feel of it!

Well how could we enjoy our space dreams without a rocket ship? We had to be creative and use our comfy box to transform it into our own rocket. We added holographic starry paper and fun lights to make it look high-tech! Friends made many imaginary journeys and came back with a lot of stories to share :)

Dressing up like astronauts...

We even had a bear join in the space adventure! They named it Beary-naut :)

Now this was neat. While children were playing marble runs, some children brought to my attention how some marbles looked exactly like the colors of the planets. This sparked an idea in our minds and we made our own "planets in their orbits" model on paper using marbles and tape. It was such an out-of-the-box type of thinking coming from them! None of the adults had seen the marbles that way, but preschoolers approach everything with a unique eye and creative connections. I love it!

We first lined them up after sharing facts and getting into a deep discussion...

In order to save the model we transferred it on a paper and created orbits. The children knew without a doubt that each planet has its own orbit and it has to stay there :)

The best part of this project was when they explained the model in their own words to their parents and grandparents as they came in :)

Letter Z!

Making Zucchini bread, practicing reading recipes...

We tested a few ingredients before putting them in our recipe and hypothesizing how that ingredient will taste in the bread..

Lemon to test...

Cinnamon to test...

After the tested ingredients were approved by our friends :) we proudly put them in!

Learning about the process of grating zucchini...

We definitely needed the help of some extra muscles to do the mixing!

Collaging letter Z into a zebra...

Zebra stripes painting with tissue rolls and yarn...

We are throughly enjoying our outer space theme and the children are excited to know what is going to come next in terms of both discussion and activities. Stay tuned!

Teacher Rashida.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Diving into space!

Hello Purple Room Families,

We spend the last couple of weeks working on our new interest in outer space. The kids were super interested to share what they already know about space and showed their enthusiasm for leaning things. To begin with, we brainstormed a quick list of things they knew and things they wanted to learn so we would be able to tackle it one at a time. :)

Of course we're also keeping up with the letter of the week, letter C. In addition to other letter activities, the children were excited to learn all about Constellations. What a perfect week to introduce this topic! We talked about the BIG DIPPER (one of the constellations) and that it is comprised of seven stars. Friends also viewed the humongous constellation chart in Blue Room and made their very own Big Dippers to hang in our room.

The Big Dipper view on our playground window ;)

We also made tubes like telescopes with the Big Dipper on the lense..

First we decorated the tubes with colors and stars..

Next they poked the seven stars of the dipper to help them see through,,,

Tada...the Big Dipper view in close proximity!

Working further on Constellations, we created our own constellations by having each friend pretend to be a star in space. One friend chose the next friend and soon our constellation was ready!

Next, They made their very own constellations and put their amazing art into words by telling us all about it. They named their constellations and also mentioned how many stars they used and where would they want their constellation to live in space!

Soon we started talking about planets and orbits and the sun and the moon -- you name it and we had it in our conversation this month.

Discussing the colors and shapes and place of planets in the solar system..

Creating our own solar system...

Friends looked at the colors of the planets and reflected that in their artwork very closely. They were keen to try the chalk pastels and put each finished planet into the collection box one by one..

Next we made the sun with paint and plastic wrap..it was sensorial, gooey, crinkley, and oozing out..

Next friends put all their colored planets around the sun the way they envisioned their solar system to be. I love how unique each one is...

Finally, they ended up adding silver glitter to add the starry effect :)

Check out our cool SPACE-Y wall :)

Friends also enjoyed working on puzzles...

The interest of children in this topic is growing each day. Our circle times are filled with great facts and information. Our children are focused and showing profound interest in learning every tidbit about space. You can often find them gathered around the big charts in our classrooms, standing, pointing, and discussing with each other what they see. They hold our hands and pull us towards those charts, asking us tons of interesting questions. We are excited to continue to countdown our journey to space!!!

Letter C activities...

Sensory with corn powder

Caterpillar painting...

Math with Cubes...

Letter C with Chalk Coloring...

During the J week, we worked on Jupiter..

Keep seeing you all around during our ongoing space exploration!

Teacher Rashida